About Me

I have always liked to tinker with my hands, to make things work. Programming feels like the ultimate expression of making things work – creating something that gets a specific job done.

I did that working for a contractor for the Navy. They designed and built the LCAT Hovercraft, and I took care of the nuts and bolts – literally, working with logistics support and programming predictive inventory needs for subsequent missions.

Not every job is as exciting as working for a Navy contractor, but a rather pedestrian project can turn out to have some deeply meaningful applications. I helped develop a software database package designed to help environmental laboratories keep track of testing results, which became the software chosen for the Hanford nuclear site cleanup in Washington state.

If programming is the ultimate expression of making things work, then owning my own business is the ultimate expression of freedom. It is an exhilarating and exhausting experience, and it gave me a crash course in business and personnel management I could not have gotten from any MBA. It also couldn’t quite support our family. So, like many small businesses, I sold off most of the company and re-evaluated where to go from there. And where I wanted to go was back to programming, which had given me so much satisfaction for so much of my career.

So, here I am again, going after what I really want. I upgraded my skills under the guidance of the professionals at Awesome Inc to meet what the internet demands now of a programmer/web developer. JavaScript, React JS, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, GitHub, HTML/CSS, agile development. All studied in a fast-paced, intensive environment. Only by being a self-starter and quick learner was I able to keep ahead of the amount of information being passed on. The last part of the camp was performed as on-line testing and strengthening my remote working skills. Socially responsibly in the age of Covid-19 emphasizes those abilities even more, along with problem-solving and teamwork skills.

I am ready to start and complete challenging projects. Whether by freelace, contract or a company position is not as important to me as that I will make use of those skills. I also enjoy teaching and helping others learn to code. If you would like me to help you learn programming or web development or website building skills contact me.