For the love of learning

So here we are at the end/beginning of a brand new week. Sometimes I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. But other times I feel like I’m making progress. This was a week of finding errors. In my resume, in my web site, in my email address.

But now I get to correct them. I’ve finally got some great feedback on my resume, actionable things to rework. I need to set up a more professional looking email for myself on my domain. Part of my website got overwritten with Lorem Ipsum, but I forgot to recheck it so time to fix that. I’m going to nuke and pave. I need the practice in installing it from scratch anyway. Besides I was planning on redoing the site anyway.

I always feel better when I’m working on a plan, when I see a path forward. I spent most of the day working on things that should have been easier. But that is how one learns, and that is exactly what I love to do: learn.

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