More of the Same

More PHP, more job applications, more wondering if I am destroying my family financially. I remember my sister-in-law telling the story of some guy who got his doctorate at the age of 60. His dream was to break into academia. Well at 60 absolutely nobody would hire him. Is this me? I know I can do the work, but if nobody will hire me does that matter?

Still working on the PHP class. Gotta keep going forward so I don’t slide backwards. Keep upgrading my skills so I can be ready to hit the ground running when I land a job.

Additional skills courses with the Kenton County Library system. Interview skills Tuesday morning and navigating the ATS — Applicant Tracking System — Thursday.

I’ve been riding my bicycle and meditating to keep my head on my shoulders straight and that seems to be working. As long as I see a forward path I’ll be OK.

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