Tools for Professionals

Has it already been 4 months since the end of the Boot Camp? How time flies when you’re looking for a job and growing skills.

I purchased OxygenBuilder and have been working tutorials. It is very powerful and will allow me to use my programing skills in PHP, JavaScript and CSS to their fullest. Plus it is going to be a whole lot faster and less error prone than coding it all by hand. But it is not a tool for beginners. It is designed, and marketed, to professional web developers.

Lots of work on UpWork. Many people want a bunch of work, or a miracle, for very little money. Well they will get what they pay for. Actually they will get a bit more because the platform is totally saturated. Too many hungry programmers looking for a start and needing a good review as much as a bit of cash. This will be a “hard row to hoe” as my Mom sometimes says. I believe that the opportunity is out there, but it will take a LOT of hard work.

My plan to break into the freelance market is to build some websites. I’ve got one I’d like to clone, just make it much faster than it is now. First I’ll make a Loom video to show the current site, then clone it so I can show off a before and after version.

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