I need Oxygen

The past several days have been spent in a deep dive researching various WordPress site / page builders. There are an amazing number of them out there. Each has its target market and marketing strategy. Often that strategy involves paying professional bloggers to write reviews of their product. Unpaid reviewers are just as unreliable; often they don’t know the ins and outs of two products and their review reflects more on which they decided to use, however long ago that was.

I’m looking for something which gives me loads of control, options to tweak any code myself, and does not add megs of bloat. And I’ve got to be able to afford it. Oxygen it is for me. Very light. Extremely customizable to the point of some complaining it is too much. Uses the standard grid and column layout. Responsive layout automatically. No additions for an additional fee. Ability to allow the client to use Gutenberg while locking down the rest of the site so they can’t break it. No yearly fees. WooCommerce.

Now to practice, practice, practice. I also have to set up an UpWork account and look at what jobs are listed.

Next I’m going to build a federal resume and apply to some federal jobs. I got one of the coaches from the Kenton County Library to walk me through what is needed to apply for one of those and how to maximize my chances. The first step is to make sure I don’t eliminate myself by not submitting EVERYTHING required. Then there is the matter of HOW they want the resume written… I think it will take me three weeks to get it like I want it.

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