Starting a Deep Dive into WordPress

I am beginning to warm up to the idea of doing freelance work. This should allow me to both study and firm up on the skills I learned in the Awesome Inc’s Boot Camp, gain experience and build a really good portfolio and reputation. This will set me up to getting a really good job later. Meanwhile I will keep on looking for a job. Doing freelance does not mean that I’m not looking for a job.

So I purchased a highly recommended course on how to build WordPress themes from Udemy and dived right in. Because I was feeling quite sad and distracted about my friend Joseph’s untimely death the first part of the week was not nearly as productive as I had hoped to be.

Also slowing me down was the fact that I’ve never actually used WordPress. So just learning how to use it to add content and see what a none-programmer user could do to customize it was a prerequisite of the course. Learning how to set it up on my computer was fun and now I’m ready to set up site for my neighborhood association.

By Saturday I was making good progress in the course. My plan is to finish it, coding and testing everything on my local machine. Then go through the course again, both coding in my local sandbox site but also design an actual custom theme for my blog. I’ll move my blog from it’s current location and framework (React) to WordPress. Furthermore I plan to build a couple of plugins, a ToDo list. Then I’ll do a blog for my wife, or maybe a family site, then do a couple of restaurant sites, just for showing off my newly acquired WP customizing chops.

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