Rest in Peace Joseph

This is getting a bit discouraging. I’m still sending out resumes, but have not received a single callback. Regardless to keep trying is the important thing I must not lose sight of.

During the middle of the week I began the switch from working on React/Redux and started researching freelancing. Like everything it feels like it is overhyped. But I do think that I have a shot at making it work for me.

I jumped into learning how WordPress works to get a basic website up, add posts and theme it. To save time I just bought a Udemy course and jumped right into coding my own site in addition to following along with the instructor. I didn’t have the prerequisite knowledge of using WordPress, but found that it is very intuitive. I can figure out where to make posts and changes, but I sure couldn’t walk someone else through the process.

Thursday evening I received tragic news. One of my best friends from when I lived in Baton Rouge was killed when his car fell off jack stands. Joeseph was one of the safest guys I know so I am inclined to believe that it was a failure of his jack stands rather than a failure to do the work safely. Never buy jack stands or jacks from Harbor Freight!

I guess the worst part is the realization that in the 15 years I’ve been in Lexington I haven’t made a single friend. With the kids getting older and all the hours I put into the tax business making friends is something that got pushed to the background. With the pandemic spending time with others is dangerous and many groups have switched to Zoom meetings. But there is no better time than the present to correct this. The pandemic simply make this more difficult, not impossible.

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