Frustration and pondering

Another frustrating week of making progress; attempting to extend the project and breaking it; trying more and more things to fix it and nothing works; then finding something simple that fixes it. Then having to go back to find and fix problems the attempted fixes caused, or reinsert pieces of code which were commented out while attempting to find the bug. This is getting old fast. I am almost to the point of getting on fixer to find someone who can mentor and instruct me on Redux and React.

I really want to finish this project, multiple To-Do lists with moveable items written in ReactJS using Redux. Then I want to port the project to React Native so I can run it on my phone and my sister on her iPhone. I think it is a killer project, beyond any tutorial out there. Additionally I’m doing this on my own, not following along with a tutorial although doing that might be helpful, but it would be a time waster and backtracking.

On the job hunting site I haven’t received a single interview request. Time to rethink my strategy. First I need an email address that doesn’t end in “1964” which makes me look very old. Got to drop or change that to “84.” Then I need to see what I need to learn to try my hand at freelancing on Upwork, Fiver and FiverPro. WordPress or Drupal? I think it might be a quicker start to go with WordPress, but I can set both up on my computer and then host a test site with a pre-written theme somewhere to show off my mad web chops.

Speaking of “madness” while my wife has been in Port Sulphur I’ve been managing my mood by getting up at at 6am sharp and getting to bed extra early, both of which are amazingly easier to do without her. Then I have a longer bike ride than normal, seven miles or so, followed by a cold shower and breakfast with coffee. The cold shower does wonders to refresh me and put me in a positive mood to start the day. I do well so long as I don’t drink too much coffee or read the news.

Working on my project, a second round of polishing my portfolio and doing serious research into what skills are needed then building those skills I’ll need to freelance will be my plan for this coming week.

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