Continual Improvement

Every so often I totally rewrite this site. Usually it only takes a day. Then again every time I experiment with a new technology things take a bit longer than planned. But that is how I learn. This is how I enjoy learning. Modify and improve one part of it, while learning something new. That’s why I love Kaizan, continual improvement. Don’t try to totally destroy and start from scratch with fantastical goals; instead just make it 1% better. Then make it 1% better. And again.

Done, but not perfect beats perfect, but not finished every time. Mostly because done means that it is usable. Perfect, if it ever gets to the point of being useable, is always much slower. And I’ve discovered the hard way it sometimes still has bugs to be fixed, or the end user changes his mind about what he wants it to do.

Here I host my blog and have links to my portfolio of projects I have programmed, including the original version of this blog totally in React and hosted on Firebase.

I hope to show a bit of what I can do and expose a bit of myself for others to see. I’d love to read a comment from you.